In a region torn apart by war, migration, mandate and diverse cultural heritage, we discovered an unusual link: the traditional Kash Hamem dove gambling game of the Middle East. The film is a journey from Damascus to Beirut, from roof to roof, through the contrasting microcosms of the players, networked by the dove gambling in the sky. Winner of Caligari Award 2019. Financed by TV-station SWR & funded through MFG Baden-Württemberg.

Director: Lea Najjar

Producer: Matthias Drescher (FFL Ludwigsburg), Estella Suplit

Director of Photography: Talal Khoury

Editor: Tobias Wilhelmer

2020 | ca. 90 minutes | Documentary | Lebanese & English


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Portrait of former "Diamond Divers" in South African Port Nolloth. A Film not only about the exploitation of ressources but also about the search for Happiness and the question what really matters in life. 



Director: Benjamin Rost

Delegate Producer: Mark Szilagyi, Producer: Estella Suplit

DOP: Johannes Greisle

Editor: Robin Jünkersfeld

2019 | approx. 90 minutes | Documentary Fairytale | English | shooting

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The Russian Mercedes and the German Marx meet in the south of Italy, where they, because of their boredom of life, begin to test it´s boundaries, which they will reach pretty soon.


Cast: Yelena Tronina, Louis von Klipstein, Carlotta Bazzu, Federico Calistri 

Director: Lilian Loveday Erlinger

Producer: Estella Suplit

DOP: Lilian Loveday Erlinger

Editor: Tobias Wilhelmer

2018 | 88 minutes | Drama, Crime | English, German, Italian | postproduction

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Aboard a small expedition spacecraft the astronaut Sternberg teaches the android Phintia SX-3 the importance of having a dream, a goal. Thus she unwillingly created an intelligent competitor to her own dream.  

Cast: Lena Schmidtke, Martina Ebm

Director: Stefan Bürkner

Producer: Estella Suplit, Johanna Röder

DOP: Marvin Schatz

Editor: Elena Schmidt

Composer: Bernhard Blix



2018 | 25 minutes | Science-Fiction Drama | postproduction

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Best Producers Achievement @ Bundesfestival Junger Film 2019

Best Midlength Fiction Film @ Biberacher Filmfestspiele 2018



Spec Spot for Guinness nominated for First Steps Award & Porsche Award 2017


Director: Ben Miethke
DOP: Maximilian Pittner

Producer: Marvin Marte
Production company: Le Berg
Executive Producer: Sebastian Raphael & Yannick Fauth
Production Manager: Estella Suplit
Production Design: Zelda Lagies
Editor: Christian Zimmermann
Music: David Coffin



2017 | 01:30 minutes | Spec Spot Guinness


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Social disparity, the pressure to perform and the fear of losing social status are the keywords of modern society. Is the unconditional income the solution? We are on to the Utopia. 



Protagonists: Michael Bohmeyer, Joop Roebreok, Astrid Lobreyer uvm. 

Director: Ana-Marija Bilandzija

Producer: Estella Suplit

DOP: Lucien Förstner

Editor: Jan Keller

Composers: Max Clouth, Moritz Laux

2017 | 39 minutes | Coverage



Sold to educational platform Lingua Video



28-year old Paula is in the state of mind of a 10-year-old. When she accidentally kills her mother, she has to cope by herself with her mothers smelling corpse and the nosey caretaker who was in love with her mother.


Starring: Lena Schmidtke, Moritz Führmann, Hede Bec

Director & Author: Stefan Bürkner

Producer: Estella Suplit & Tobias Gerginov

DOP: Marvin Schatz

Editor: Kaspar Zoth

Composer: Bernhard Blix


2016 | 18 minutes | short fiction, grotesque, comedy, drama


Brussels Short Film Festival - Official Selection

Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival - Official Selection

filmzeitkaufbeuren - Lobende Erwähnung der Jury


What happened if diplomats and criminals lived next-door to one another? This is the daily routine in a suburb of the former german capital Bonn, called Brueser Berg. A tragicomical portrait of a multicultural neighborhood in the course of generations.


Director: Mahyar Goudarzi

Producer: Estella Suplit & Steffi Gödicke

DOP: Mortimer Hochberg

Editor: Moritz Henne

Composer: Alexander David


2016 | 24 min | documentary, tragicomedy


HOF International Film Festival

Screened on Spiegel.tv in Germany


53-year-old Konstantin, ex-soldier Robbe and young mother Ana are fighting with anxieties triggered by their past. The documentary "The Guardians" accompanies them during their training towards being bodyguards. A portrait on the quest for security.


Director: Benjamin Rost

Producer: Estella Suplit &Julia Deumling

DOP: Dominik Moos

Editor: Robin Weiland

2015 | 27 min | documentary, weapons, security, portrait


International Festival of Debut and Student Films BEGINNING, St. Petersburg, Russia – Official Selection
Filmschau Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart, Germany – Official Selection
Landshut Short Film Festival, Landshut, Germany – Official Selection
Los Angeles Cine Fest 2016, Los Angeles, USA – Official Selection 
Machakos Film Festival, Nairobi, Kenya – Official Selection
Festival do Homem – Melgaco International Documentary Filmfestival 2016, Melgaco, Portugal – nominated for Jean Loup Passek Award 
Portobello Film Festival, London, UK – Official Selection
Alive Documentary Filmfestival, Los Angeles, USA – Official Selection
Bamberg Short Film Days, Bamberg, Germany – Official Selection
Roma Doc 2016, Rome, Italy – Shortlisted
Miami Independent Film Festival 2016, Miami, USA – Shortlisted


Mr. Jones, a long established detective, is confronted with a coldblooded double homicide.Inbetween evidence and his observation skills he comes upon Mrs. Smith, the attractive main suspect. And as they meet, her future lies in his hands...


Starring: Mirja Mahir, Norman Kalle, Marie Nasemann, Ed Gaietto

Director: Estella Suplit

Writer: Estella Suplit & Lucien Förstner

Producer: Sylvia Günthner, Tim Tetzner & Estella Suplit

DOP: Markus Weymer


2013 | 7 min | Film Noir, Thriller, Drama, Romance


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Shocking Shorts Award - nominated

Distributed by NBC Universal via Sky Germany & DVD

Filmschau Baden-Württemberg, GER - Official Selection